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Since 1999 Paul Telling products have lead the way in producing heating solutions for uses as diverse as health & beauty, LaStone Therapy, catering and laboratory equipment; solutions that have utilised the most modern, micro-processor technology. Buy with confidence, direct from the manufacturer.


Some products on this website are stock items and prices are shown to facilitate the ordering process. Other items are custom made or need a greater understanding of your requirements. In the latter case you are requested to contact us to discuss your order.


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Spa, Health & Beauty

      Water Heaters & Cold Boxes for Stone Massage

      Multi Purpose Water Heaters for Stones, Wraps, etc

      Hot Towel Cabinets & Multi Purpose Heating Cabinets (plus foil wrapped towels)

      Clay/Mud Heaters


      LaStone Therapy

      Hot (basalt) and Cold (marble) Massage Stones - UK distributors for

      Equipment Trolleys

Laboratory & Other Equipment

      Water Baths (unstirred)

      Bains Marie

      Towel Heating Cabinets

      Ovens & Incubators

      Melting Kettles

      Other Equipment, Shopfittings & Fabrications

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Cold (marble) massage stones