Massage Stones - Hot (basalt) - Cold (Marble)

Do not confuse these basalt massage stones with "cheap" imitations.  Our massage stones are  smooth, hand harvested and then carefully prepared into sets.  They are high grade, well proportioned basalt stones.

Standard delivery is 1 - 5 days (UK), 4 - 10 days (worldwide)

Our cold stones are hand-crafted, smooth, white marble and are perfect for facial and body work.

Some individual hot and cold massage stones are available on request. 

Massage Stones - Hot (basalt) - Cold (marble)

Ref. ST02

Full Basalt Set - hot

56 piece


Price £147.00

plus £10.00 UK carriage & 20% VAT = £188.40

Ref. ST04

Full Marble Set - cold

15 shaped pieces

Special Offer Price  £100.00

plus £7.00 UK carriage & 20% VAT = £128.40